I Value Each & Every One of You!!!!

Hello All! (-_-)

I have had the honor of having many wonderful people that I have done readings for that I now consider "regulars", as we keep in constant touch as to how life is treating us,etc..

I wanted to do something special for them (you!)in regards to pricing so I came up with the idea of personalized service for an appointed amount of time.

This is a way that enables me to be able to offer more "follow-up" support to everyone without any one persons concerns cutting into anothers, (I have come to realize that some people have more problems to deal with than others) so I have devised this option:

I am now offering spiritual advice & counseling in addition to simple periodic mini-reads to help you get/work through a rough spot in your life. I will be there for you via IM's, E-mail and online chat sessions to help you deal with whatever life throws your way on a regular basis.

In a nutshell,I will be your very own Spiritual Advisor & confidant. I feel this is much less expensive than having to call one of those Psychic Help Lines. It is also much more personalized *especially* to YOU as you will be dealing with the same person everytime you reach out for help or need a shoulder to cry on. Because, after all, you *are* special and deserve to be treated as such! (-_-)

For this service, I am only charging $35 a month,after your first full reading is purchased, for unlimited advice, questions, inspiration, mini-readings etc..for a whole month.(That's only a fraction more than $1 a day!)

If you are interested in this option, please add to your cart with the purchase of your first reading (any type!) or drop me a line

I truly look forward to a long & satisfying relationship with each & every one of you.(-_-)
Thank you again,for visiting The MoJoMoon.Net Tarot Sanctuary!

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