*MoJo Bags,Helper Dolls & Spell Kits*

Pictured left to right:Love Drawing,Siete Potencias & Money Drawing MoJo's

MoJo's & Gris Gris'

An odd numbered mixture of herbs, talismans, roots, powders & stones in a muslin, flannel,felt or chamois bag that should be carried with you at all times to get a specific desired effect. That is a MoJo (or gris-gris ) Bag.

Also known as an "Ouanga" ,"Conjure" , "Toby" or "Medicine" bag ,regardless of the area in which the name was derived or the culture you may be familiar with ,they are all used for the same basic thing & prescribe to the same basic principle; To attract to or dispel from the wearer, certain influences. Thus they can be made for just about any purpose under the sun. They imply faith and serve as a link beween that in which you believe and that which you desire.

MoJo Bags are usually worn around the neck or pinned inside the undergarments so that they are in touch with your skin. With women ,it is believed that the best area of placement is near the left armpit so that it is close to the heart or between the breasts for the same reason. However ,in a pocket is also fine in any case. Some are also hung near a persons house or under their steps etc..so that they will come into contact with or walk over it daily. This is usually done with mojo's to enchant or hex someone without them knowing it.

You may purchase these bags ready to be consecrated with oil,candle,incense, charcoal tablet & complete ritual on quality parchment suitable for your BOS or Grimoire for only $25 Each

I will make a Mojo,or Gris-Gris Bag specifically for you & you alone to aid in obtaining any of the following desires listed or by Special Request.


Also available ,for those times when *nothing* seems to be going right in your life and/or you have a bad streak that just doesn't seem to want to leave you, there is the:

"Siete Potencias"(7 African Powers) Luck Turn-Around or Uncrossing Bag-$35
-Some mighty powerful stuff!


*Miniature Herbal Spell Kits*
Discreet Magick For On The Go !

Everything Included Except Your Personal Desire.
Miniature spell kit complete with herbs,oil,candle,match & appropriate "wishing" spell on Parchment Scroll.
All items come in a 5x3" color-specific re-usable felt bag that fits discreetly in purse,pocket etc...Available for Luck & Money, Success, Health or Love.


Hoodoo/Vodou "Helper" Dolls & Spell Kits

I like to call these "helper" dolls rather than the overused-term "voodoo" dolls because that is exactly what they are. They are dolls made with beneficial herbs & infused with my own personal energy to"help" you achieve what it is that you desire. These are the same dolls & ingredients I personally use for all my clients workings involving poppets,dolls or sympathetic magick.
I was a bit hesitant to share both these helper dolls & my secrets in the beginning but I feel that they are something that can benefit all who have tried other forms of magick and failed, as well as absolute beginners as my main concern has always been and continues to be to try & help others achieve what they ,till now, felt was out of their grasp. (-_-)

With each kit comes not only your own personal helper doll but your personal spell on quality parchement suitable for insertion into your BOS, Grimoire etc.., parchment slip, oil, incense, charcoal tablet & candle for one complete job. Some kits may also contain powders, roots, talismans, charms etc...) All that is needed by you is to consecrate or name the helper doll prior to it's use..(See below for Consecration kits sold separately.)
You may choose either a complete Spell kit or just the helper doll alone(herbs & parchment slip included)to add emphasis to your sympathetic magick rites or to use with your own doll magick & spells.

The types available are listed as all are made to order. With the Helper Dolls, be as specific as you like in your need or simply choose by color.

HOODOO SPELL KIT-$23.00 each



Small 3 x 4" felt drawstring bags for use with your own mojo's, amulets,talismanic magick or charm spells.Can also be used to carry stones,roots & gemstones etc...All are handmade and available in any color you desire as listed or by request.

BAGS-$1.75 Each


Various sized limited edition patterned drawstring bags for use with your own mojo's, amulets,talismanic magick or charm spells. Can also be used to carry stones,roots & gemstones etc...All are handmade and available while supplies last.

(Takes you to MoJoMoon.Net Ecrater Gallery where each is listed individually.)


For use with Mojomoon.net Helper Dolls, Helper Doll Spell kits & MoJo's or your own Mojo's & Helper Dolls. Includes Consecration Ritual on parchment to place in your BOS or Grimiore,small red Candle,Consecration Incense, Consecration oil, Consecrated Earth & Holy Water.

PLEASE NOTE: Hoodoo Doll Spell Kits & MoJo Bags DO NOT include Consecration Kits , only a copy of the consecration ritual. Ritual is also included with all poppet purchases as well.(-_-)


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