A drip of wax down the side of a candle at a seance presages bad luck or death to the person nearest to that side.

It is considered bad luck to fall asleep with a candle burning.

" If a candle falls and breaks in two, double trouble will come to you!"

A candle left to burn itself out will bring misfortune.

It is considered unlucky to gaze into a mirror by candlelight,especially on All Hallows Eve.

If a candle suddenly goes out by itself, it is an omen of death in the family.

If a candle flame gutters and causes grease to form in a winding sheet, it is a death omen for whoever is sitting nearest to it.

If a candle flame burns blue, it is an omen of death in the offing.

To dream of a black candle is an omen of death or illness.

To dream of a white candle is an omen of true love.

If a young woman sees two white candles in a dream it is a sign that she will soon receive a proposal of marriage.

A red candle that appears in a dream symbolizes passion and sexual desire.

To dream of five candles is an omen of love and marriage.

To dream of a candle in a holder is an omen of a happy and prosperous future.

To dream of a candleholder without a candle in it foretells sorrow and misfortune.

A blue light from a candle is a sign that good spirits are nearby.

A tall straight flame on a candle during a seance is a sign that a spirit is present.

In Ireland, it is an old funeral custom to light 12 candles around a corpse to protect the soul of the deceased from evil forces, for it is believed that ghosts and demons cannot cross into a circle of lighted Candles.

Always light candles at moments of birth, marriage and death to ensure evil spirits are kept at bay during these crucial moments.

Light a brown candle on the eve of Candlemas for protection against evil spirits and ghosts.

Place a lighted candle inside a carved-out pumpkin on All Hallows Eve to keep evil spirits and demons away.

In Sicily, a fisherman burn ornate candles to their patron saint to obtain blessings and protection.

A bay-berry scented candle burned all the way down will bring "good luck to the home and gold to the pocket".

Kill a moth flitting about a candle flame to bring good luck into your life.

Light a brown candle in each room of your house on Candlemas Eve to attract good luck and keep away bad spirits.

Light a new white candle in a new house to bring good luck and happiness to the home.

A pink candle burned on Saint Valentine's Day will bring true love.

A burning candle placed in a window will ensure the safe return of a lover.

Accidentally knocking a candle out is a lucky sign that there will be a wedding in the near future.

Light a white candle on your wedding day to ensure a long happy marriage.

If a candle suddenly goes out by itself during a wedding ceremony the marriage will surely end in sorrow.

To make a lover come to you, stick two pins through the middle of a red candle at midnight and when the candle burns down to the pins the lover will arrive.

To test the fidelity of a lover, light a candle outdoors near his or her's house. If the flame burns towards you or your lover's house, your lover is faithful. If not, your lover is faithless.

To reclaim the affections of a lost lover thrust two pins or needles throught the wick of a burning candle as you say out loud the name of your lover.

Light a green candle on a night of the new moon to attract money.

To light a candle from the fire will prevent you from ever growing rich.

If a candle will not light, a storm is brewing.

If the flame of a candle gutters and waves in a room where there is no wind or draft, it is an omen that a bad weather of some kind is imminent.

If the flame of a candle burns blue, it is a sign of frost.

A blessed candle from a candlemas rite can be used to conjure storms.

A candle with a tall straight flame indicates the arrival of a stranger.

A candle showing a bright spark indicates that the person sitting opposite will receive a letter.



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