*Bindings,Banishings & Compelling*

"Stay Away" Binding Spell
To be done on a Saturday night during the Waning Moon


A picture of the intended
Black cloth
Black thread or cord
A picture of yourself
White candles

Place white candles about your alter. Cast the circle and try to relax your mind and concentrate on the work to be done. Take the picture of the intended in your hands and say:

"________, Stay away!
You are not welcome, this I say!
________, Go away!
You cannot harm in any way!"

Wrap the black cloth around the picture and bind it with the cord or thread.
Say this:

"You who would harm, You who would maim,
If you proceed, You'll face the same.
With cloth and cord, Of darkest night,
I've bound your deed, With shining light.
You cannot harm, So stay away,
I am protected, Both night and day."

With this, the spell is done. Put the package into the freezer until morning, and then throw it in the garbage somewhere away from you & your property. Leave without looking back. Carry the picture of yourself on your person, knowing that you are now protected from their harm & that they will bother you no more.

To Compel Someone to Call you
This spell can be used for any type compelling action by stating your desired affect on the paper.

Purple Household or black Image Candle
"Compelling","Bend Over" or appropriate Oil,Incense & Powder
Piece of Parchment Paper
Dove's Blood Ink or Red Pen

Inscribe your targets name on the candle along with the words' I compel thee". If using an image candle you my also remove the wax on the bottom and place some personal items (hair, nail clippings,cloth etc)of the persons in the well,reseal. Dress the candle with the oil by placing the oil in your palms and "wringing" the candle as you would wet clothing. Sprinkle it with a bit of the approprate powder and place on foil or in it's holder.

Write on the parchment the intended person's name 9 times in red ink then over this write the words "I compel thee" 9 times as well. Dress the corners of the paper with the oil and sprinkle them with powder. Sprinkle a bit of powder in the center of the paper then fold the paper in half toward you. Do this folding towards you a total of three times and then place the paper beneath your candle. Let the candle burn 10-15 minutes a day sprinkling it with more oil and powder for a total of 7 days while concentrating on your intent.

On the 7th night,take the paper from underneath the candle and burn it in the flame of the candle. Save the ashes and if possible,place some of them in the pockets or shoes of the person you are doing this job on. If not possible,try to sprinkle them where you know this person will cross. You may dispose of any other remnants of the spell as you see fit.

Short Term Mind Spell


Purple household or black image candle
Controlling or Commanding type incense
Controlling or Commanding type oil

Inscribe the candle with the name of the person whose thoughts you want to temporarily control. If using an image candle you my also remove the wax on the bottom and place some personal items (hair, nail clippings,cloth etc)of the persons in the well,reseal & place on a square of foil.
Anoint the candle with the appropriate oil. Place your incense burner in a spot on your altar where it's smoke will "waft" over the candle and then light it. As the candle burns for about 10-15 minutes,recite the following over & over:

"Compel unto thee,Think like me.
1, 2 ,3 think with me, 1, 2, 3 see as I see
If you see like me, if you don't,
compel unto thee, think like me"

Continue this nightly until the candle is spent. If possible,dispose of the remanants in the ground somewhere you know the target will cross or in front of their house. If not,simple throw them away.


"Bend Over" or Compelling Spell

You need:

Purple household or Black Image Candle in appropriate sex
"Bend Over", "Commanding" or "Compelling" Oil
"Bend Over", "Commanding" or "Compelling" Powder
"Bend Over", "Commanding" or "Compelling" Incense
Parchment Paper
Dragon’s Blood Ink or Red Pen

On the piece of parchment paper write the person's name 9 times with the ink or pen. Turn the paper slightly then write diagonally 9 times across their name (this is called "Crossing it") the words "Bend Over" , "I Compel Thee" , "I Command You" etc.... Set the paper aside.

Inscribe the name of the intended person on the candle 9 times with a new nail . If using an image candle,dig wax out of bottom and insert personal items etc into well & reseal with wax as above. If you like, you may also carve the same words you wrote on the paper like "I Compel Thee" ,"Bend Over" etc.... Anoint the candle with your chosen oil by placing some in your palms and "twisting" it onto the candle as you envision your desired result taking shape. Place prepared candle in it’s holder or image candle on tinfoil square.

Anoint the four corners of the paper with the oil & sprinkle with powder. Fold the paper towards you as you once again envison your desired result. Turn the paper clockwise & fold the paper two more times in the same fashion for a total of 3 times. Place the paper under a your candle holder . Light your incense and place near candle so that wafts over candle. Sprinkle the powder in a circle around the candle. Let the candle burn down all the way all at once. (This will take a while for the image candle.) Dispose of any remains near the persons home or business and don't look back. For added oomph you can also sprinkle yourself and your clothes with the powder and rub some of the oil in the palm of your hands etc..before you go out to meet the intended person.


For someone who does'nt treat you right or who's behaviour doe'nt suit you.

There are two different methods to this spell depending on whether the person is near you or not.
If they are near you, concentrate on them and while staring at them (discreety ,of course) say the following...

"Torqueo suus ossis et flecto suus spina, sopoficer et mysticus et magicus et occultus."

Now carry on like that but change the first line each time you do it saying what you want them to be like and after every line say:

"hypnotic and mystic and magic and mystery".

When you have finished (it can be as long or short as you want) you need to envision yourself doing the following to them:raise your left hand to their left hand side and say "just" then raise your right hand to their right hand side and say "like" then bring your hands together and draw them down the person's body and when they meet say "this."

If they are not near you, get a spoon (the bigger the better) and visualize them floating above you. As you are saying the exact same spell as above hold the spoon by the end and hold it vertically. As you are are saying the spell visualize it's power building in the cupped part of the spoon. When you have finished the main part of the spell, you pull the spoon backwards saying "just" then throw it forward while saying "like" and as you visualize the power of the spell hitting the person say "this."


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