*Court & Legal Spells*


Items needed:

dried galangal roots
blue flannel mojo bag
1 shark tooth
obsidian stone
Dragon's blood ink

Burn dried galangal roots every night at midnight for two weeks in a row before your court date.

On the night before going to court, put the ashes in a blue flannel mojo bag along with a shark's tooth and a piece of obsidian upon which your full name and birthdate and the sacred Pagan symbol of the pentagram has been inscribed.

Seal the bag; consecrate and charge it, and then wear or carry it to the courtroom to gain a favorable decision.

MoJoMoon Hoodoo Court Spell

One beef tongue
9 sewing needles
Black & Red Pepper
Blue 7 Day Candle in Glass
Court Case Oil
Controlling oil
Tapa Boca Oil

Seven days before the witness is to appear in court, write their full name nine times on a piece of paper preferably taken from any legal documents or court papers that pertain to the case they will be testifying to. If not available, a photo of them or a plain slip of brown or parchment paper with the case # written on it will also work. Once done, flip the paper so that their name is upside down and then write your name over/crossing and covering their name nine times as well. As you do so, say aloud (nine times):

"I now cross and cover thee,______
You are under my control,
I command thee to hold thy tongue.
Until this case is won."

Fold the paper toward you (to draw your wish in)and continue to fold it in this fashion until it is as small as it is going to get. Place the tongue in a roasting pan and with much intent, stab it once in the center with a large knife, making a slit in it, just big enough for the paper to fit in. Place the paper inside then using the nine needles, "stitch" the tongue shut again much like you do a turkey to keep the stuffing in. Cover the tongue with a mixture of red & black pepper & salt. Drizzle a combination of Court Case, Controlling & Tapa Boca oil over the entire tongue & place it in a roasting pan. Place in the oven on broil.

While the tongue is cooking, place a blue 7 Day Candle in Glass also dressed with a combination of Court Case, Controlling & Tapa Boca Oil on the top of the stove and light it. Allow it to continue burning while the tongue is roasting.

When done, leave the tongue to rot or be devoured by wild animals (remove pins first,if this is the case)at a crossroads, preferably near the intended witnesses house. Either way,leave without looking back. Allow the candle to burn until it is spent. If possible , time it so that the candle continues to burn until the case has been settled. If not, use more of the same fixed candles until success has been attained.
Other variations are to put it(the tongue) in to cook while court is in session and use a fixed "Just Judge" 7 Day Candle in glass rather than or in addition to the blue one. You can also play around with the combination of oils used to suit your particular tastes or situation as well.

To Protect Against Slander,Gossip,and False Accusations

Carry a pinch of slippery elm bark in a mojo bag. Some folks also put a pinch of powdered slippery elm bark into their tongue stew,as well.(See above)

In a case when the matter cannot be resolved and ends up going to court, try carrying a blue flannel bag in which you have placed some Deer's Tongue Leaves for your lawyer'seloquence, Calendula Flowers for winning in court, and some Low John(galangal) to either carry or chew while you are in court to intice the judge to favour you. Burning a "Just Judge"(Justo Juez),"Ochosi" or "Court Case" 7-day candle should help as well.



Nemesis is the Greek Goddess of Justice and Vengeance. She has a pair of balances, and a bow & arrow with which she strikes down those who have earned divine vengeance.

Black candle
Just Judge Oil & Incense

Take a black candle, write the innocent persons name on it lengthwise then "cross" it - carve sidways across their name- with the name of Nemesis.

Annoint the candle with the oil ,then light it during the New Moon, (although you can do it whenever) and Call down Nemesis. Ask her to bring forth Justice, to set the innocent person free and punish the other person for lying.End with:

"Mighty Nemesis, I ask you to Balance the Scales".

If the person is truly innocent,she will help you. If they are not, she will most likely ignore you.
Just beware...one of the "gifts" she may give you is that ALL the scales might be balanced . . even yours. It is best if you come to her openly, fully knowing that this might be the case, and accepting that if she chooses to show you the extent of your own crimes, that she is above all Fair and that you must do pennance for it. If you come to her in this way, with true honesty, she generally will not mess with you, but will rather just look into the matter you bring before her. In short, She simply does not suffer fools.

*Modified excerpt of Jude's post to Alt.PSHM*


If you are facing a judgment in court, write down all possible verdicts on a piece of paper. With scissors or a knife, cut out only the desired conclusion while focusing your mind on a positive outcome. Carefully burn the unwanted portion, until nothing but ash remains. Release or bury this ash so it is symbolically "lost" to you.
Carry the other piece of paper into court, wrapped in gold cloth, as a protective amulet.


Sit in a quiet place. Ground and Center. Light an orange candle.
Concentrate on the facts of the case (issue) try to see the situation as an outsider.
Take a deep breath and play out in your mind different scenarios that may happen while in front of the judge (board). Keep the scenario's realistic. Picture yourself as calm and as factual as possible.
Once you are satisfied that you have played through all of the options then focus back on the candle.Request (from whomever you believe in) that they open the eyes of the participants to see through the emotion of the situation and see the facts. Run through any new scenarios that come to mind then extinguish the candle. The key here is to see the situation from all angles. If you only see your own point of view than you may be more vulnerable to surprise questions..


When the moon is in the astrological sign of Libra or Sagittarius, brew a magical tea from Galangal root. Strain the liquid into a glass container & seal it tightly after the tea has cooled. Bless it in the divine name of the Goddess then store it in the refrigerator until the night before you are scheduled to appear in court.
When the time is ready, Place the Justice card from a tarot deck under a "Just Judge" (Justo Juez)7 day candle in glass, light the candle and add your tea to your bathwater.
As you bathe in it ,visualize yourself winning the court case & your body and spirit absorbing the beneficial occult vibrations from it. After bathing, place the Justice card under your pillow. Go to bed and recite the following magickal rhyme over and over until you fall asleep:

"Scales of justice,
Harken & waver,
Let the Just Judge,
Rule in my favour."

To make the power of the spell even more potent, sprinkle some of the tea around the courthouse premises at midnight on the night prior to your court appearance (being sure to not be seen) & carry the galangal root in your pocket until a verdict is reached.


To be made on a day of Jupiter. These items are ingredients for a lawyer's mojo, to increase his or her ability to persuade others and win in court.

Red flannel or Blue felt mojo Bag
Just Judge Oil
High John the Conqueror Root
Galangal (Low John Root)
Justo Juez talisman
Indian Tobacco or Snake root seal.

Annoint the talisman & mojo bag with the oil and on every Thursday thereafter.

If someone is working against you in a legal matter and you know thier name, this should stop them from influencing people or things about your business.

Write the persons name on a piece of parchment paper in ink. Fold the paper in half( away from you) then in half again until you can fold it no more. As you do this, imagine them & thier influence being "pushed away".
Next, run the paper under the faucet as you imagine thier influence and intrusion washed away down the drain. Place the now-soaked paper into a corner of your freezer and leave it there for at least 30 days starting on a Saturday under a waning moon.


Anoint a small dark blue votive with Hecate or Ma'at oil and let burn down comnpletely while reciting this chant:

"May Nemesis stalk those who dare
To slander me and cause me care
All that they attempt to cause me pain
Rebound on them and be in vain
Let the hurt they cause to me and mine
Be bound round them like ivy's vine
And when they lay them down to sleep
May nightmares stalk and waking weep
Until the day their conscience bids
They tell the truth for all to hear
And leave my reputation clear
All this i ask in justices' name
And wish on them the very same."

This is a Justice Spell that invites the Universe to step in and right a wrong, and/or restore balance as it sees fit.
The spell has two parts and can be used for any matter at law. As always, you can modify the spell in any way you like to suit your particular circumstances.

You will Need:
A dark blue pillar candle
a blindfolded female poppet(dk.Blue)
dark blue glitter
several vials or 2 dram bottles
sea or rock salt
a bowl of water
a tray or other surface on which to work the spell
Scale w/ two balances.(Symbol of justice to be placed on altar)
Ostrich feather to represent Maat
Diamond (if you own one)to wear from when you begin this spell until the verdict.

Arrange the altar or work surface in your usual way, then add everything you will need for this spell.
Inscribe the candle with the feather of Maat(if using one), then write her name on it.
Stand the blindfolded poppet in the bowl of water and place it on the tray with the candle and incense.
Place anything you have that relates to the crime or dispute on the altar IE:photographs, newspaper clippings, legal documents, letters, evidence,etc.
Light the incense and the candle. Pour the sea salt and blue glitter into the tray as you say:

"By Justice I rock the scales
By Libra I bring them back into balance
I call down justice By Nemesis, by Tisiphone
By Dike and Athena I call down Blue Justice
By Justicia the scales are rocked
By Libra they are brought back into balance
Let it rain Blue Justice By Nemesis, by Tisiphone
By Dike and Athena Let it rain Blue Justice on ____
Let it rain Blue Justice for _____."

Repeat this as many times as feels necessary to you.
Use your athame to stir the glitter and salt together.
Close your eyes, open your palms and pray to Ma'at.
Tell her what result you would like the spell to have but acknowledge her right to effect justice as she sees fit. Pour the melted wax over the poppet.Leave the altar set up that way.

Each day, for several days, burn the candle and more incense.Pour the wax over the poppet each time, praying to Maat.
Mix the ash from the incense into the glitter and salt.
This part of the spell can be cast at any time: before a proceeding begins, or while it is underway.

The next part should be done at a significant point, such as the start of the trial, the beginning of jury selection, or when deliberations begin. Dress in blue clothes. Remove the Blue Justice Powder from the tray.
Clean up, throwing the poppet and candle away.
Take the powder to the courthouse. (This is best done late at night or on a holiday or weekend,when you are least likely to be noticed or interrupted.)Stand before the courthouse and recite these words over the powder:
(Change or omit the first part of the spell if you are not of Celtic descent.)

"Hail Mabon, Son of Modron
My Celtic blood calls out to thee
It cries for Celtic justice
It requires victory
Hail Mabon, Son of Modron
I commend your Celtic justice
I call you to this place
To command your Celtic justice
By your power I transform this building into a Palace of Justice
By your power this building is transformed
I make of it a place where right is known from wrong
A place where Truth is known from lies
A place with judges fair and honest
By Mabon's power I enchant this powder
With Mabon's power I enchant this powder
By the power of Mabon I command Justice be done here"

Sprinkle it every place that the judge, jury and defendant or plaintiff are likely to walk:
on the steps, outside the courtroom, at entrances and elevators, whatever places you have access to. Make an invoking circle around the entire courthouse by sprinkling the powder as you walk clockwise, if possible. Say or think 'Blue Justice!' as you sprinkle the powder.

When you have finished, return to the front of the courthouse and pray again to Maat. Thank her and Mabon for considering the case, and for their intercession.
The poppet could be buried or destroyed. If you like and if it is possible, it could be left buried on their property or near the courthouse. For urban magic,consider throwing it away in a trash receptacle at the court. Keep the phrase "BLUE JUSTICE" in your mind until the legal proceedings are concluded. Get everyone else who wants the same outcome to also keep thinking about blue justice. Dress in blue if you attend the trial.

Maat is the Egyptian goddess of truth, justice and social order.
The ostrich plume, her symbol, became a hieroglyph that represented her name as well as those
concepts. It is this feather against which Osiris weighs your heart upon the scale in the Hall of
Justice to determine your eligibility for eternal life.

Mabon is the Welsh god of youth, son of the mother goddess Modron.
As a Son of Light he intercedes with the Matrix on behalf of humans.
Mabon, who was stolen as a baby and wrongfully imprisoned, also rules justice.


On the Thursday prior to your scheduled court appearance, make this wash, bottle it & put in a consecrated dark place.

To one pint of fresh water add:
1/4 oz Jalop (High John) powder
3/4 oz Snake Root powder
1 tsp. blessed salt.

On the morning of the court date, pour this mixture out of the front door where you are sure to walk through it when you leave the house on your way to court. Also carry a large piece of High John the Conqueror root in your pocket to the courtroom.


Perform this Spell at midnight before any court appearance.

Place papers associated with your legal battle on your altar. Place a dark blue candle to the right of them.
At exactly midnight light the candle. As the candle burns brightly, study the flame closely.When it is burning brightly, clearly and steadily, stare into the flame.
Place your writing hand on the papers and visualize the result that is wanted. Then Say:

"Rash Of Mithra, Hear Me!"
"My Cause Is Right and True"
"Influence the Powers That Judge"
"I Ask This Boon Of You."

Walk 3 circles to the right, sit down again, lay your hand on the papers and stare into the flame.
The flame will be moving. When the flame steadies again, say:

"Rash Of Mithra, I Thank Thee Floor Thy Aid Against...(Name Opponents).

Extinguish the candle and turn on the lights, pour the wax that has melted onto a piece of plain paper, and fold the paper in half. When it has cooled, place it under your pillow for the night.
In the morning write "Rash Of Mithra" on it and keep it with you during the day.After the case is settled, destroy it.


Tarot Cards - Justice, The World & Nine of Cups
6 Household Candles- one each in gray, orange, dark blue, purple, black, and gold.

Firstly, recite the opening chant:

" I move outside the limits of time to work my spell
The dragons help me weave the universal energy
The things that now exist become what I desire
The tides of Magick answer unto me"

On your altar or workspace, arrange the cards in the order listed above.
Arrange the candles below the cards in the order they are listed above as well. Light the candles and after clearing your mind, say:

"Gray mists to hide what I must do.
Orange light to change my luck and give me power.
Indigo strength to stop gossip and lies.
Purple power to break bad luck and drive away evil.
Great black walls to protect me from my enemies.
Sun-gold beams to give me fortune and success.
I stand surrounded by these powerful lights.
I ask the dragon's help to succeed in my case."

Concentrate a few moments on the cards and your objective.
After this you must say the closing chant:

"My thanks to the dragons, great and small, who came to answer my dutiful call,
We wove the Magick, wild and free, And as I will, so shall it be."

Place the candles in a safe place so they will not catch anything on fire,such as a sink or even in the bath tub, and allow them to burn themselves out.

Do this spell on a Saturday ruled by Saturn

You will need:
a black candle
olive oil
sea salt

Carve the person's name on the candle using the pin - or if you don't know their name, carve the word "THIEF".
Mix a good handful of salt with a cup of olive oil and allow the candle to soak in it for three hours.
Take the candle, wipe it down and carve out the bottom so the wick is exposed.
Stand the candle on it's head and light the bottom wick. Gaze at the flame & concentrate as you say:

"Thief your deeds are no longer tolerated
It's time for you to stop this behavior.
By this my will you shall cease
and restore in me a sense of peace."

Let the candle burn out and if you can ,bury the stub near where the person lives or simply bury or place, hidden of course, where they most commonly commit their crime.


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