Soulmate Dream Ritual

Here is a bit of simple magic:

Put 3 almonds and 3 raisins under your Dream pillow before you go to bed then drink a cup of warm milk with a tsp. of honey & then go to sleep. ( Make sure your head is on the pillow for extra results)
If you wonder if a certain man is your soulmate ("the" one)it will tell you in your dream. So, before you fall asleep keep that one man in your mind, and in the morning you will know if he is your soulmate, from your dream.


All that is needed for this spell is an herb appropriate to that which you are wishing for. Hold the herb you have chosen in your palm and visualize in fine detail.
Hold the herb up to your mouth and breathe upon it as if trying to "force" the wish through the herb with your breath then turn to the North and say:

"King Boreas of the north wind, by the powers of earth,
I call you to carry my wish to the northern quarter,
And by the powers of the gnomes, I ask that you bring me success."

Blow a quarter of the powdered herb from your palm in the direction of North.

Turn to the East and say:

"King Eureus of the East Wind, by the power of air,
I call you to carry my wish to the Eastern quarter,
And by the powers of sylphs, I ask that you bring me success".

Blow a quarter of the powdered herb to the east then turn to the South and say:

"King Notus of the south wind, by the powers of fire,
I call you to carry my wish to the southern quarter,
and by the powers of Salamanders, I ask that you bring me success".

Blow a quarter to the south then turn to the west and say:

"King Zephyrus of the west wind, By the powers of water, I call you
to carry my wish to the western quarter and by the power s of undines, I
ask that you bring me success".

Blow the final quarter of herb to the west then leave the area without looking back, safe in the knowledge that the powers of the universe have taken your wish to the four winds.



1 white household candle(Indian Spirit 7-day candle can also be used)
Indian Spirit Oil
A picture of the deceased
Lavender in a small natural cotton or muslin bag

Light the white candle that has been annointed with Indian Guide oil and stare at the flame for a few minutes. Then put the picture at eye level and say:

"You are gone forever but your wisdom lives on;
With this spell we shall confer.
For through my dreams,I ask that you come and aid me.'

Concentrate on the problem or concern at hand that you would like to confer with the person about. Place the picture under your pillow. Let the candle burn to a stub, extinguish & place it in the bag of Lavender which has been mixed with a few drops of the oil. Sleep with these items under your pillow for three nights to receive the help requested via your dreams.




"Make your Wish" Oil
Red household or votive candle
Parchment paper
Dove's Blood Ink(optional)
Heat proof container or cauldron

Place you candle in the center of a table in a darkened room.Take the horseshoe and put it around the candle. On the parchment paper,write what it is you want using Dove's blood ink or a red ink pen. As you write,chant the following:

What I want,I write here
Please take my dream and bring it near
What I want, I hope to get
Let all my dreams now be met."

Take the paper and fold it 3 times TOWARDS you and place it under the candle. Let the candle burn down completely and when almost spent,burn the paper in the flame of the candle as you picture yourself with your wish fulfilled.Scatter the ashes at your doorstep to signify good things coming to you.



Take a white household candle and light it without a word.
Walk counterclockwise around your bedroom three times. As you do this, project simple protective phrases into the walls, floors, and windows such as "keep me safe" etc....
Next, walk clockwise three times in silence, meditating on positive, restful phrases.
Finally, blow out the candle, whisper the word "sleep" and turn in for the night.

Note that this spell does not need to be repeated to continue working. Instead, simply light the candle for a few minutes each night, then whisper "sleep" again before getting into bed. When the candle is completely spent, repeat the original spell with a new white candle.


You may use this only 3 times in between each new moon.

Gaze at the Moon and repeat:

"Moon moon, beautiful moon
Brighter than any star
Goddess of light and love
Diana if it might be
Pay bring ____ unto me."


This is a very useful spell because you can use it to send any wish out to the Universe. Simply change the base components to one suited to your desire.

You will need about a cup of ground Rose petals and lavender. Take these outside on any day when southern winds are blowing(for passion). Slowly release half the mixture while turning clockwise and saying:

"South and west, north and east
Let this magick never cease
Until it finds my soul mate
The one with whom I'll share my fate"

Keep the remainder with you, releasing a pinch anytime you find yourself near running water, or when you feel a warm breeze. The water conveys your wish out from you, while the warm breeze inspires warm feelings.



Take nine pennies outside during the full Moon. Face the Moon and let Her light shine upon you. Open your arms as if to embrace the Moon and make your request. Then say;

You have said that when you're round,
Prayers are answered, chains unbound.
You promise that by light of You,
All ones wishes shall come true."

Toss the pennies in Her direction, then chant;

"Please take this token of my love,
As Your silver light shines from above.
Please bring me what I ask of You,
By darkest night and morning dew."

Thank the Moon and leave.


How to attract a dream lover

You will need:

a piece of purple paper
a pink pen
a small cloth bag
some lavender

At midnight on a romantic night or when a new crescent moon is in the sky, take the piece of purple paper and write all the attributes you want your dream lover to possess. It's entirely up to you. When you are done, draw a big crescent moon over your writing and say:

"I see you clear
I see you here
I'm in your arms
Without fear
By the moon, the stars, and sky
Into your arms I will fly?

Roll up the paper and put it in the cloth bag with the lavender. Tie off one end and hold it to your heart,saying:

"I conjure thee, I conjure thee
Oh, dream lover
Let me see
In my dreams you will be
Reveal your true face to me
Luna Amor!"

Place the bag under your pillow and fantasize about this dream lover as you fall asleep. You will dream of your dream lover coming to you. He may be a little different from what you expect, but you should embrace him. If you can hold him tight in your dream, he will soon appear in your life when you are awake.

("The Little Book Of Love Spells" by Sophia)


Charm for Lucid Dreaming
If you find you need a little help in lucid dreaming, or you want to learn the answer to a specific problem, this charm bag is a great tool. It soothes the waking mind and helps your sleeping mind to focus.The ingredients can also be used to feel a dream pillow as well.

Make or buy a light blue Mojo or talisman bag. Put in a pinch or two of each of the following:

Lemon Balm

During the full moon, put the bag together, then consecrate and charge it. Make certain it is tied tightly. Before sleep each night, rub the bag over your third eye (center of forehead) and concentrate on the question, problem or situation. Then place the bag under your pillow. Continue to concentrate on the situation as you drift off. When you wake, jot down whatever you remember in your dream journal.

Your question should be answered within the first few nights. This pouch can also help increase your skill at lucid dreaming, by keeping your mind focused on the fact that you are just dreaming.



Carry 7 Job's Tears in a red mojo bag or small leather pouch in yur pocket or around your waist,neck etc....Or place the bag in your pillow until your wish comes true.

Carry 7 Job's Tears on your person for 7 days and on the 7th day throw them into running water over your left shoulder as you make your wish 7 times and then walk away without looking back.



Write your desire on a piece of parchment paper & burn sandalwood on top of it while concentrating on your wish coming true.


Dogwood Wish Spell

Pick a dogwood flower at midnight on Midsummer eve. As you do, whisper your wish to the spirit of that plant.


Morning Glory Wish Spell

Go outside at sunrise.Pick a morning glory or other flower associated with the movement of the sun. Make a simple wish upon it as the sun peeks over the horizon.


Driftwood Wish Spell

Get a small piece of driftwood. On it write/carve your wish. Turn your back to the waves, throw the wood over your left shoulder for luck. Let the sea carry your desire to its goal.


Spell for Prophetic Dreams

Poppy is used to induce trances or sleep and to reveal information while in a dream state. Bagels with their round shape and hole in the center symbolize the moon or feminine intuition.

Place a poppy seed bagel under your pillow at night. Take a bite first thing in the morning to remember your dream.