Please remember that too much of anything can be dangerous; for best results with herbs, contact an herbologist in your area. This is meant as a general guide ONLY and as such cannot be used as a medical reference.

Alfalfa - "Father of Herbs," leaves have 8 essential amino acids & more vitamin C than 4 times that in orange juice; vitamin K (great for morning sickness); beta carotene; vitamin E; LOTS of calcium; is the basis of liquid chlorophyll; as close to hemoglobin as anything possible; blood cleanser; vitamin B-12 (calms nerves); diuretic; natural flouride source; used in treatment of cancer, breath and body odor, liver ailments; source of liquid chlorophyll - (chlorophyll is also good to flush out radiation from Xrays and chemotherapy, as well as bad stuff from antibiotics)

Barley Juice Powder - blood builder; attacks free radicals; 30 times more vitamin B-1 and 11 times more calcium than milk; 7 times more vitamin C than orange juice; anti-aging; anti-inflammatory for stomach & duodenal ulcers, & hemorrhoids; cleans and boosts immune system; neutralizes lead and mercury; reduces HDL cholesterol

Bee Pollen - balanced vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, enzymes, & amino acids; blood builder; excellent after illness; allergy help for bronchitis, sinusitis, and colds; balances endocrine system; good for menstrual and prostate problems; also good for colitis, constipation & diarrhea; counteracts the mental and physical effects of aging; start with small doses!!

Bilberry Fruit - great for eyes (fatigue, night blindness, near-sightedness, strain; restrains development of cataracts); improves circulation; beneficial during pregnancy; mild diuretic; good for spider veins

Black Cohosh - "miracle herb for women;" calms nervous system; promotes menstruation; relieves cramps; soothes local pain; safe sedative; good for headaches; too much, too soon causes emotional upheaval; relieves or prevents spasms; contains natural estrogen; prevents hot flashes; contracts uterus; expels mucous; stimulates liver, kidney, spleen, and lymphatic system - keeps the system working; equalizes circulation; if too much is taken, can cause a headache at the base of the skull; DO NOT take during early pregnancy

Black Walnut - husk used as aid for intestinal system for tapeworms and other parasites; burns excess toxins and fat while balancing sugar levels; remedy for bad blood diseases - syphilis, etc.; good cleansing herb

Blessed Thistle - strengthens heart and lungs; improves circulation to the brain by bringing oxygen to it - helps with memory; aids in ALL liver disorders; stimulates lactation in nursing mothers; digestive and general tonic; good for headaches, cramps, and menopausal problems; use to reduce & control fevers; great female hormone balancer; also good for cancer

Burdock - use during pregnancy; mineral rich hormone to prevent jaundice in unborn babies; blood purifier; reduces joint swelling; good for coughs, colds, sore throats, abscesses, and tonsillitis

Butcher's Broom - anti-inflammatory; strengthens walls of blood vessels; great for someone going into surgery, as it is used for post-op problems such as thrombosis, etc.; aids circulation to brain, arms and legs; good for the bed-ridden or the elderly; diuretic; lowers bad cholesterol; great for pregnant women and people who stand for long periods of time, as it eliminates swelling

Capsicum (Cayenne Pepper) - catalyst in almost every herbal combination - used to strengthen the remedies; good for stomach ulcers; increases flow of digestive juices; helps in weight loss; red color comes from high Vitamin A content, which is great for eyes, growth, and healthy immunity; good for circulation - prevents strokes and heart attacks; aids with hemorrhaging; cleans internal & external wounds; heals cell structure; use as a poultice for inflammation; increases heart action without raising blood pressure; aids in digestion when taken with meals; useful for colds or flu; restores and cleans stomach tissue; improves HDL cholesterol; lowers serum cholesterol and diglycerides

Cardamom -- an ancient treatment, dating back to at least 4th century BC Greece, for digestive problems such as indigestion, gas, and cramps. Used in India for many conditions including asthma, bronchitis, kidney stones, anorexia, and general debilitation. In China, it is used for urinary incontinence and as a tonic. Effective for bad breath and when taken with garlic, helps reduce garlic's strong smell. Improves poor appetite. With its long-lasting reputation as an aphrodisiac, that use is obviously very effective.

Cascara Sagrada - "the real mover;" improves secretions of stomach, liver and pancreas; rids body of gallstones; good for hemorrhoids; DO NOT take excessively during pregnancy; take before or during a meal

Catnip - relieves pain and spasms; calms nerves; used by Indians as a sedative and for colic; good for colds and flu in children as it produces sweat during sleep without raising fever; reduces fatigue from muscle exhaustion; pain killer for infants and toddlers. Settles the stomach; reduces fever. Useful in treating headaches related to digestive problems. A tincture makes a good friction rub for rheumatic and artritic joints, and, as an ointment, teats hemorrhoids.

Chamomile - may cause allergic reactions in people allergic to mums or ragweed!!; helps one to relax and have quality sleep; good for digestive problems; Cherokee used it for colic and bowel complaints; helps menstrual cramps; tonic for colic & upset stomach; induces sleep

Chaste Tree -- regulates hormones, progesterogenic, increase breast milk in nursing mothers. One of the most important herbs for regulating female hormones, chaste tree helps to balance progesterone and estrogen production, as well as inhibiting male androgens. Used to treat menstrual irregularities from premenstrual syndrome to absent or irregular periods. Tends to lengthen a short period and shorten a long one. Valuable in treating problems linked to the menstrual cycle, such as migraine and acne. Can help some women trying to conceive if infertility is due to low progesterone levels.

Charcoal - filters the system; good for gas or anything upsetting in the stomach

Chickweed - heals stomach ulcers, bowels, lungs, and almost any internal or external inflammation; removes plaque from blood vessels; strengthens stomach tissue; breaks down cellulite; good for weight loss.

Cornsilk - good for kidney, prostate and bladder problems; assists in breaking down uric and phosphotic acid build-up; excellent for aged and young with bed-wetting problems; diuretic; makes one urinate a LOT; cleans kidneys and aids in eliminating stones. Beneficial for chronic cystitis.

Damiana - best known as a sexual rejuvenator; increases sperm count; Mayans used it for lung ailments, dizziness and as a general body cleanser; helps with hot flashes; strengthens the female system; great for infertility and impotence; relieves colds and flu; good tonic for central nervous system. Works as an antidepressant for those suffering from mild to mderate depression and nervous exhaustion; especially valuable when anxiety and depression occur together, as happens with long-term stress. Often given for painful and delayed menstrual periods. Useful in the treatment of urinary infections such as cystitis and urethritis. Also used as a mild laxative, useful in treating constipation due to poor bowel muscle tone.

Dandelion - use to detoxify the system; has potassium so it is a natural diuretic without depleting body's potassium; increases bile flow and alleviates firs stages or cirrhosis; gentle laxative; invigorating and purifying

Don Quai - used since 588 BC for female problems; strengthens circulation; antibiotic for several "bugs;" encourages proper balance of female hormones; cleanses and purifies the blood; relieves tinnitis, blurred vision, and palpitations; enhances use of vitamin E; calms nerves; use as a post-partum tonic to build blood and regulate menses; bowel lubricant

Echinacea - "King of blood purifiers;" improves lymphatic system; strengthens immune system and is most potent for such; good for colds and flu; anti-inflammatory; anti-viral; antibiotic tendencies; increases white blood cells to destroy virii; no side effects noted and is a very safe; keeps T-cells healthy; good for glandular infections-; expels poisons and toxins; prevents cell infection; beneficial during pregnancy. The most important immune stimulatn in Western medicine.

Ephedra -- increases sweating, dilates the bronchioles (small airways in lungs), diuretic, stimulant, raises blood pressure, disperses cold. Used in conventional medicine for its decongestant properties, as well as for treating asthma and hay fever. Can cool fevers and alleviate rheumatism. Use with extreme caution and only under professional supervision! DO NOT take if you suffer from angina, glaucoma, high blood pressure, enlarged prosate, or overactive thyroid. Can cause headaches, tremors, and insomnia.

Eyebright - best for diseases of the eye and mucous membranes; good for light sensitivity, eye strain, minor irritation, and weak eyesight; stimulates liver; cleans blood

False Unicorn Root -- Used specifically for female reproductive disorders. Valuable for menstrual problems and ovarian cysts; can also be very helpful during menopause. Used as a tonic to help treat digestive and genitourinary problems. Uterine and ovarian tonic, promotes menstrual flow, diuretic. Seems to have a normalizing effect on the female reproductive system and is given to women with absent or irregular periods. Encourages the ovaries to release their hormones correctly. Also used to treat endometriosis and uterine infections.

Fennel - improves digestion and relieves hiccups; breaks up uric acid associated with gout, which it eliminates; clears mucous from liver and lungs; antidote for poison mushrooms; has vitamin A and is good for improving night vision and preventing snow-blindness; expels gas; tea used as gargle; expels worms; use as eyewash for minor irritations and infections; poultice for inflammation; enriches mother's milk; excellent for children's digestion; good for lumbago; tea rids intestines of mucous related to sinusitis; curbs appetite and eliminates hunger pangs; tissue cleanser; great to use after radiation therapy and chemotherapy

Fenugreek - used to treat diabetes in the Middle East; lowers blood sugar levels; softens anddispels accumulated mucous and is good for people who ingest a lot of dairy products; soothes mucous membranes; good for lung infections; used to prevent pregnancy; has lecithin to dissolve fatty substances; gargle for sore throat; stimulates milk in nursing mothers; good for bronchitis and pneumonia

Feverfew - reduces fever, as well as number and severity of headaches, and the nausea of migraines; good for pain relief, chills, colds, and arthritis; helps body heal & strengthen itself; alcohol destroys its effects. Feverfew has been used since early Roman times to induce menstruation and is given in difficult births in order to aid expulsion of the placenta. Useful for migraines associated with menstruation.

Ginger -- brings relief to digestions troubled by motion sickness, morning sickness, and other causes; also an important circulatory remedy. Excellent remedy for dysentary. Highly effective for digestive complaints such as colic, nausea, gas, and indigestion. It is also antiseptic, making it valuable in treating gastrointestinal infections, including some types of food poisoning. Stimulates the circulation and helps high blood pressure. Increases sweating and helps reduce body temperature in high fevers. Aids respiratory conditions such as coughs, colds, and flu with its warming, soothing properties.

Ginkgo -- has become very popular as of late due to its remarkable ability to improve circulation, especially poor circulation to the brain ( a cause of memory loss). Seeds are used in Chinese medicine to relieve wheezing and reduce phlegm; also given to treat a weak bladder and incontinence. The leaves are traditionally used to treat asthma. Can reduce the possibility of stroke. One of the most useful herbs for senile dementia. A possible treatment for auto-immune problems, multiple sclerosis, and complications of organ transplants.

Ginseng -- helps the body adapt to stress, fatigue, and cold; significantly improves the body's capacity to handle hunger, temperature extremes, and mental and emotional stress; produces a sedative effect when the body requires sleep. Also increases immune function and resistance to infection; supports liver function. Stimulating for younger people; restorative, tonic, and sedaive for thse older and weakened by illness. Wonderful male aphrodisiac. Should not be taken for longer than 6 weeks at a time.

Goldenseal -- A potent remedy for disorders affecting mucoud membranes of the body, notably of the eye, ear, nose, and throat, the stomach and intestinmes, and the vagina. As a dilute infusion, goldenseal can be used as an eyewash and as a mouthwash for infected gums. Highly valued as a remedy for psoriasis. Internally, goldenseal increases digestive secretions, astringes the mucous membranes that line the stomach, and checks inflammation. It should nt be taken for an extended period of time because it reduces the body's ability to absorb some nutrients; notably, B vitamins. It helps to reduce heavy menstrual bleeding and is used by some midvies to stop postpartum hemhorrage. Goldenseal stimulates the muscles of the uterus and should NOT be taken during pregnancy.

Gotu Kola -- tonic, anti-rheumatic, mild diuretic, sedative, peripheral vasodilator. Traditionally used to improve fertility, but research shows that its constituents may reduce fertility. Thins the blood and in large doses, helps to lower blood sugar levels. Used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat leprosy, skin ulcers, and other skin problems. Has a long-standing reputation as a rejuvenator, helping concentration and memory. Tonic for poor digestion. Fresh leaves are given to children with dysentary. It is also thought to be helpful for fevers, abdominal disorders, athsma, and bronchitis. The oil is used to promote hair growth. Used mainly in Western medicine for skin problems and wounds. Also has anti-inflammatory properties which make it effective for rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, and poor venous circulation.

Hawthorn -- tonic for the heart, dilates blood vessels, relaxant, antioxidant. Its bioflavonoid content assists in increasing the flow of blood to the heart muscles, thereby reducing the symptoms of angina; also prevents or reduces dengeneration of the blood vessels. Traditionally used for kidney and bladder stones, and as a diuretic. Used to treat angina and coronary artery disease; useful for mild congestive heart and irregular heartbeat. Restores blood pressure to normal and is therefore useful for not only high, but low, blood pressure. Combined with ginkgo, hawthorn is used to enhance poor memory by improving the circulation of blood within the head, thereby incresing the amount of oxygen to the brain.

Holy Basil -- helps some types of diabetes, as it has the ability to reduce/stabilize blood sugar levels; lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels; has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and fever-reducing properties. Useful for respiratory infections, especially coughs, colds, bronchitis, and pleurisy, as well as asthma. The juice can be used for insect stings, ringworm, and other skin diseases. Also used as ear drops for inner ear infections. The juice or powdered herb helps canker sores heal.

Hops -- strong stimulant for the entire digestive system as it increases gastric and other secretions and relaxes spasms. Its antispasmodic action makes it useful for certain types of asthma and menstrual pain. It has sedative properties but as yet, the way they work is not completely understood. It relaxes smooth muscle and believed to have an estrogenic effect. As some of hops constituents depress central nervous system activity, this herb should NOT be taken by people with a history of or current depression, however mild. A hops sachet placed inside the pillow releases an aroma that calms the mind to reduce irritability and tension, thereby promoting a restful sleep.

Lavender -- the flowers are antibiotic and antiseptic. They calm the nerves, reduce muscle tension, and relieve cramps and gas. Applied externally, they are insecticidal and stimulating to local circulation. Well known for its soothing and calming effect, lavender is combined with other herbs to relieve sleeplessness, irritability, headaches, and migraine. It also helps alleviate depression. Lavender soothes indigestion and colic, relieves gas and bloating. Its relaxing nature helps some types of asthma, especially those where excessive nervousness is a feature. The oil aids in healing burns, wounds, and sores; rubbed on insect stings, it relieves pain and inflammation; can be used to treat scabies and head lice.

Lemon Balm -- traditionally taken to lift the spirits, it was also believed to encourage longevity. It is a relaxing tonic for anxiety, mild depression, restlessness, and irritability. Reduces feelings of nervousness and panic; quiets a racing heart; also useful when over-anxiety causes digestive problems such as indigestion, acid stomach, nausea, bloating, and colicky pains. It relives cold sores. Inhibits thyroid function and is given to people with an overactive thyroid. Good first aid remedy for cuts and insect stings; also useful for fevers. The oil is strongly antispasmodic.

Marshmallow - use leaves as a poultice for toxins and poisons in open wounds - also shortens healing time; internally, soothes urinary tract and respiratory system; eases passage of kidney stones; use as diuretic with chamomile and cornsilk; use externally for varicose veins and dermatitis; internally, will bind with toxins and flush them out; excellent for arthritis; eases soreness from diarrhea & dysentery; use with cayenne pepper as a poultice for blood poisoning, gangrene, and to ease bruises

Milk Thistle -- protects the liver, stimulates secretion of bile, increases breast milk in nursing mothers, antidepressant. Silymarin, a substance contained in the seeds, maintains the liver's function and prevents damage from compounds that re normally highly toxic. This substance has been used successfully to treat hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver. Protects the liver's many metabolic activities and helps renew its cells. Also used in the treatment of jaundice. Milk thistle can help limit the damage done to the liver by chemotherapy and speeds up the recovery from side effects once treatment is completed.

Mullein - quiets nerves; relieves pain; soothes any inflammation; excellent for lung diseases, coughs and consumption; it's a narcotic that won't induce euphoria; use mullein oil for ear infections; good to eliminate excess mucous; used to treat tuberculosis

Parsley - high in chlorophyll; sweetens breath; helps detoxify toxic kidneys; blood purifier; maintains urinary tract tissues, heals urinary tract, and helps a swollen prostate; has 3 times more vitamin C than citrus juices; high in iron and potassium; roots are more potent than leaves, and are used for liver and spleen disorders; NO high doses during pregnancy; mild doses are diuretic but large doses congest the uterus; cancer preventative; lowers blood pressure; gentle laxative; tonic for blood and circulatory system

Parthenium - diuretic; good for kidney and bladder; also called "Missouri Snakeroot" as it was believed to help snake bites; blood purifier; liver stimulator; the root is used; looks like echinacea; tops are used for the fever of malaria

Passion Flower - calming sedative that soothes nervous system with no side effects; great for hyperactive kids; good for eye infections; temporarily reduces high blood pressure

Pau D'Arco - from Argentina, where they use it as a cancer drug; good for any blood-related disease; blood purifier; good for dermatitis; great for cancer in remission; neutralizes poisons in liver; used with great success for cancer; good for AIDS patients as it strengthens T-cells; good for candida and herpes simplex; reduces tumors of all kinds; lowers dependence on insulin for diabetics; natural pain relief for cancer and arthritis; for hypoglycemia, use Pau D'Arco and licorice; good for blood and skin cancer; anti-mutagenic; antibiotic, antifungal for yeast infections; good for liver ailments and possibly for hepatitis C

Peppermint -- excellent for the digestive system, as it increases the flow of digestive juices and bile and relaxing related muscles; reduces colic and cramps, and helps soothe irritated bowels. Helps diarrhea by soothing the lining and muscles of the colon; relieves a spatic colon. Applied to the skin, peppermint relives pain and reduces sensitivity. Also relieves headaches and migraines linked to digestive weakness. Diluted oil is effective for an inhalant and chest rub for respiratory infections. The oil contains menthol and is antiseptic, anti-fungal, cooling, and anesthetic to the skin, but since it is also an irritant, it must be used with care.

Psyllium Hulls (& Seeds) - ** MUST DRINK 6-8 cups of water per day if taking, otherwise it will clog the system**; DO NOT take if constipation is a problem; great for weight loss as it makes one feel full; cleans out parasites and other garbage in intestines; good for bad diarrhea; when soaked in water, it increases 8-14 times it's size; prevents cholesterol absorption; removes toxins from intestines; soothes inflamed tissue; promotes growth of friendly bacteria; reduces transit-time of matter through colon; problems can stem from incorrect use!!

Red Clover - blossoms contain molybdenum-an essential nutrient to help discharge nitrogen; when used with iron supplements, it produces more rapid hemoglobin production; strengthens anemic blood; protects against bites and stings; treats and prevents cancer, gout and whooping cough; expectorant; one of the best mucous clearers; used for ALL cancers, especially esophagus and breast; use as a tea for bathing sores; mix with chaparral and Don Quai for cancer; has lots of vitamins and minerals; very good for children with degenerative diseases; great nerve calmer, good for nervous exhaustion; good for rickets, weak chest, bronchitis, and lack of vitality

Red Raspberry - used as a basic herbal foundation for all female organs and problems. It is in many female combinations. It strengthens the walls of the uterus and entire female reproductive system; regulates menses; alleviates morning sickness; used as a preventative for hemorrhaging after childbirth; assists labor by making delivery easier; relieves afterpains; tones and regulates before, during and after childbirth; increases and enriches milk for lactation, especially when combined with marshmallow tea; good for children's tummy aches and bowel problems, and for diarrhea in babies; soothing to stomach and bowels, as well as cankerous conditions of mucous membranes in the alimentary canal; high in minerals and vitamins, especially manganese;also useful for colds, sore throat, bronchitis, coughs, fevers, general nausea, ulcers, and as an eyewash.

Rose hips - has all the Vitamin C that a person needs!; good as a salve for muscle cramps; use in almost every condition or disease; prevents and treats infections of all kinds; curbs stress; prevents cancer

Safflowers - oil is good to cook in; good for arthritis, gout, kidney stones, ulcers, blood clots, heartburn, and colitis; dissolves uric acid; a bitter herb that helps with digestion and vascular cleansing; use as a wash for measles; lowers cholesterol when added to parsley or garlic; good bowel and bladder cleanser; digestive tract healer; reverses poor blood; increases bowel and urine flow; produces good HCL to reduce lactic and uric acids

Sage - use as a tea for quieting nerves; expels worms and quiets spasms; good for mental exhaustion and strengthens the ability to concentrate; cures certain types of insanity; lotion for sores and skin eruptions; stops wounds from bleeding; use as a poultice for tumors; good for stomach troubles & "spring cleansing;" helps weak digestion; use as a salve for insect bites; slows secretion of fluids during excessive sweating and is therefore good to use before a sweat lodge

Sarsaparilla - blood purifier; breaks down uric acid; good for liver problems, rheumatism, skin disorders, hormone excesses, inflammation and gas; a natural steroid; produces testosterone, estrogen, cortisone, and progesterone; use with ginseng for body builders; good for psoriasis and other eruptive skin disorders; antidote for poisons; diuretic; increases metabolism and perspiration; stimulates breathing when one is congested; aids circulation to rheumatic joints; produces anabolic hormones; helps women produce natural progesterone

Saw Palmetto - the berries act on the enlarged prostate to relieve pain and inflammation; use for all wasting diseases, as it affects glands; quiets nerves; has antiseptic properties; relieves excess mucous; good for lungs; good for diseases of reproductive organs; increases breast size

Siberian Ginseng -- most useful for maintaining good health rather than treating poor health. Can help those exposed to toxic chemicals and radiation. Has a general tonic effect on the body, in particular the adrenal glands, helping the body to withstand heat, cold, infection, other physical stresses, and radiation. Improves stamina and mental resilience, and reduces the effects of physical stress such as those endured during athletic training. Most effective in the treatment of prolonged exhaustion and debilitation resulting from over-work and long-term stress. Also stimulates immune resistance and is effective in recovery from chronic illness. Helps to prevent infection, maintains well-being, sometimes useful in treating impotence.

Slippery Elm - excellent for the GI tract; soothes ulcers and colon when taken orally & rectally; breaks up mucous in lung problems; good for any ulcerated condition - use as a poultice for rashes, etc.; neutralizes stomach acidity & gas; use as a poultice for cold sores; use in cough syrups; helps feed adrenal glands; lubricates bowels; heals intestines

Spirulina - excellent for vegetarians as it is a very high source of beta carotene, B-12, and gamma linolenic acid, also contains most amino acids, including all 9 essential ones that the body needs; contains 250% more B-12 than liver and 4 times the protein of beef; 80-85% of the proteins of spirolina are assimilated by the body; gives ENERGY!; blood cell and tissue builder; satisfies hunger; balances blood sugar & RNA/DNA; boosts immune system; lowers bad cholesterol; has all the B complex vitamins, trace minerals, and essential fatty acids - is a complete protein; it is a blue-green algae usually found in fresh water lakes up north

St. John's Wort - anti-viral which is especially good for gonorrhea; relieves pain, anxiety, nervous tension, neuralgia; used in treating AIDS; anti-depressant, but must be taken for several months to get full effect

Uva Ursi - diuretic; absorbed and excreted by the kidneys; antiseptic of urinary tract; good for yeast and bladder infections; contains tannic acid and balances urine Ph; stimulates urinary tract; helps reduce blood in urine; soothes bladder walls; used for excessive sugar in the blood; contains allantoin to help heal wounds; strongly anti-biotic against such conditions as e-coli and staph; treats loss of bladder control; NOT FOR children under 2; NOT FOR pregnant women as it stimulates the uterus to contract

Valerian - calms nervous conditions; aids in peaceful and restful sleep; slows heart rate while increasing blood flow; good for people whose valves don't work right; nature's tranquilizer; decreases aggression; good source of calcium and magnesium

White Oak Bark - astringent to shrink body tissues; high in calcium and tannin; excellent for varicose veins and hemorrhoids; when using externally, boil or steam bark or leaves; good for diarrhea, hemorrhage, and intestinal bleeding; cleans inflamed skin and mucous membranes; expels pinworms; cleans gastrointestinal tract; stops bleeding in stomach, lungs, liver, and bowels; use as douche or enema for soothing inflamed tissues; aids in healing stomach and intestines and to rid of gallstones; brings down fevers

White Willow -- anti-inflammatory, analgesic, reduces fever, anti-rheumatic, astringent. White willow is the original source of salycilic acid, the forerunner of aspirin. Extremely effective for reducing joint, hip, and back pain caused by rheumatism and arthritis. In combination with other herbs and dietary changes, it relieves inflammation and swelling, and improves mobility in painful, creaky joints. Also used to manage high fevers and may be used to ease headaches. White willow assists during menopause by reducing sweating during hot flashes and night sweats.

Wild Yam -- antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, increases sweating, diuretic. Has been used to treat rheumatism and colicky conditions. Useful as a relaxing remedy for painful mestruation, ovarian pain, and labor. Extremely useful and effective in treating arthritis, as it reduces inflammation and pain, and relaxes stiff muscles in affected areas. Helps to relieve cramps and muscle tension; can also be an effective treatment for digestive problems including gallbladder inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome, and diverticulitis.

Yarrow - balances liver functions and the alimentary canal; tonic for congestion and disease; blood cleanser to remove uric acid that causes gout;

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