~*Magickal Musings And Manuscripts*~

Great Stuff I've found that I'd like to share with you all...

The Absolute Basics
The Laws Of Magick
No-Rule Candle Magick
Candle Wax Divination
Candle Burning Using Psalms
How To Make Your Own Candles
Candle Lore And Superstitions
Herbs-Magickal Uses In The Hoodoo And Santo Tradition
Herbs-Medicinal Uses
Natural Herbal Alternatives
Amulets And Charms
Flowers And Their Meanings
Did You Know...?
Animal Totems and Familiars
Are Your Roots Firmly Planted?
Angels And Their Correspondences
Tasseography(Reading Tea Leaves)
Just What *is* Santeria?
Development Through Meditation And Visualization
Candle Interpretations in the Hoodoo/Santo Tradition
Gypsy Lore And Beauty Secrets
Herbal Tea Recipes

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