I offer various services based on several different beliefs & magickal systems.
This includes:
Hoodoo Spells,Santerisimo,7 Day Candle Burning Rituals & Novenas, MoJo Bags etc..
& various other types of Conjure & Root magick with prices varying from $10 to $50 each.

If you wish to go it alone, Please check out my Free Spell Archive


Job types may be based on different principles and/or belief systems but all follow the same general karmic guidlelines, as do I. That being:

"One only gets what they earn in this lifetime or that which the blessed universe deems appropriate."



A Love Spell
To attract love ,in general or to possibly win the love of a certain person.

A Reuniting/Break-up Spell
Pretty self-explanatory.

A Good Luck Spell
To increase your odds in games of chance or life in general.

A Money Spell
To bring money into your abode or to get people to pay back loans.

A Protection(or uncrossing) Spell
To protect yourself ,your family ,domecile & vehicles from harm or hexes. Also used to remove "curses" or hexes already placed on a person.

A Health Spell
This could be anything from a stress reducing spell to a spell to help strengthen your resolve in fighting an addiction, Self-improvment, to motivate, cleanse etc....

There are also spells to keep a lover faithful,aid in conception, break up a relationship, decision making,bindings,charisma, business success, courage, change, amicable seperations, find lost articles and many,many more.. Please ASK if you're need does not fall into one of these categories.I have access to hundreds of spells.

This is a new offering & very basic in it's conception as some friends of mine (as well as myself) have seen a large increase in the callousness some people show to their fellow man. The "little" people are getting tired of being stomped upon and are seeking some type of "relief" where they do not have to worry about the implications or do not have much money. Sound familiar? If so,please check HERE for more information on this subject as it is a SEPARATE ENTITY ENTIRELY.(Meaning don't email me about this service..)If you are still not satisfied or are interested in something a bit stronger,please refer back to me. I have no qualms with performing this type of job but do not make a point of advertising it.

Please note:

Many people are grossly misled &/or taken for a "ride" where spells are concerned.You see, you cannot cast a spell successfully unless the outcome is a beleivable,obtainable goal. By this, I mean that you cannot make someone fall in love with you who loathes you or doesn't even know you exist. You can't win a job over 3 better qualified applicants if you are lacking the proper training & know-how. Good sense will override any influence you may try to have on the person's subconcious you are trying to sway if their will is strong enough and the odds too one-sided. Another example? You can't win big at the Lottery,slots, sweepstakes or horse races if you don't place a bet or send in an entry.....
In other words, Spells have a better chance of being successful if you tap into a thought or action that is/was already in that persons mind to begin with. To increase your chances of winning at something you are already involved in.
Spells don't make miracles happen. Spells are simply a way to sway the odds a bit more in your favour is all. (-_-)

Okay..now with that out of the way.....


Some General Spell Guidelines & Information

*As is customary with the type of belief system I follow, a divinational reading will be done on the individual and/or situation prior to any spell working or acceptance of such. This is a free service that is done to determine whether your job is accepted or not as it will help determine if the outcome is, in fact, feasable or if their are any underlying aspects that need to be addressed before the initial job can commence. Once a reading is done, your request(s) will then be categorized based on strength needed, so please be honest in your information given. This is VERY important in determining your chance of success, as the Powers That Be are NOT going to waste their time on a request made by someone only giving half-truths or lies. I need an accurate reading based on accurate information to make a proper recommendation for products, kits or service best suited to your personal situation.

Most seemingly simple recommended job options will consist of basic candle magick or 21 day Novenas as this usually covers simple requests where all avenues are open to change, based on the reading done prior to it's beginning/acceptance.

Tougher jobs utilizing helper dolls,longer candle rituals etc..will be worked when the reading has shown that there is some interference or possibly a strong-willed target(s) who will need more than the average amount of subconcious "coaxing". Sometimes these spells need to be periodically repeated to remain effective for any given amount of time or continued uninterruppted for a period of 21 days. This is almost always true of simple Candleburning rituals. That is why Helper Dolls are usually utilized. To keep the connection should the candles lapse. Otherwise 7 day candlesi n glass are best utilized in a 3 candle, 21 day Novena.

Lastly, there are what I refer to as "Complex" Jobs, which are basically longer and much more highly concentrated love, reconciliation & break up spells etc...where possibly more than one component or person needs to be addressed (want to get them back but they are with someone else and that relationship needs to be broken up first etc..)or their is a definite strong negative blockage of some sort as revealed in the reading. This term of course refers to all negative-labled magicks, such as death hexes, curses, etc..

*Some "Complex" magicks may end up costing more physically and spiritually due to the time & energy involved, various ingredients required,as well as the karmic backlash, negative feedback & ethical implications these sort of jobs can sometimes bring with them. Luckily, this is of no concern to you, only me. (-_-)

*Please be aware that "Do-it-yourself" Hoodoo (Helper Doll) and other Spell Kits are also available HERE as well as both kits AND Spell Services atMoJoMoon.net's Ecrater Store. All utilize the same handmade dolls,oils, powders etc.. I sell & use in all my own magickal workings for both myself and clients.

* I reserve the right to leave all final decisions as to whether your request will be accepted or not unto myself as I have the most to lose in areas such as these and sometimes simply deem the request un-needed, unfullfillable or just plain self-serving. This is not to be judgemental, but simply to let you know that the powers that be DO NOT, WILL NOT approve your request so you would basically be wasting both your money and my time. I don't do things just for the money if I know your request has no chance of coming to fruition. That is where me and many other spell casters/practitioners differ. I do NOT automatically take all jobs that are requested of me. I let the spirits guide me in making such decisions as in my teachings, that is the only honorable way to do things. (-_-)

*Spell requests are taken on a "First come, First served" basis as everything is based on the moon phases, days,hours etc... However, If it is a REAL emergency ,let me know & we can possibly work something out. Just know that it will cost you 15% extra because I will most likely have to bump someone or rush around to preapare thing in time.

*Only 2 SPELL requests taken per client at a time.
I am limited to how many I can cast at a time as it scatters the energy and makes the spells less effective. Plus, if someone comes to me with too many requests, it make both myself and the powers that be doubt your sincerity or at the very least, your ability to commit to one specific goal thus lessening the chances of success due to a lack of focus on your part. IOW, it can look frivolous and greedy or scatterbrained and needy. Both exhibiting bad intent & focus. Know what you want and beleive in it wholeheratedly when you contact me and the powers that be are more apt to take you seriously(as am I) & grant your petition for help.

* Non-payment or withrawal from an agreement without so much as an email shows me that you are not sincere in your need and I will usually place them in a file never to be reconsidered as a client regardless of the monies offered. I simply do not have time for people who play games or act rudely. I only have so many days that I can schedule and it is unfair to those awaiting a date whose intent *is* sincere. Sorry to sound so harsh, but this has all been put into affect due to real circumstances in the past. I only do this to make sure that my alotted days are not clogged up for those that are of true heart, mind & spirit.

*There are NO REFUNDS NOR GUARANTEES if a spell does not work out as you expect. I am not infallible nor is the universe. Simply put, anyone who promises you guaranteed results is lying to you. There are many reasons why a spell might fail. The petitioner or "target's" will sometimes houses many forces with more power than you or I.... The strongest barriers being negativity & a lack of faith on your part,resistance & free will on theirs. These factors are sometimes very strong & totally up to the person requesting the spell to take into consideration. I (will) stress that with every casting requested. I make no guarantees as that is a form of lying and not the best way to start a spiritual relationship, IMO.

The universe is also very fickle in whom it deems deserving in matters such as these. Some times it is just a matter of the heavens knowing what is best for you & all concerned. Sometimes it is just a question of being careful of what you wish for...Other times it is all a matter of timing. You must trust that the universe knows better than us who/what it deems worthy to honor. Ours is but a humble petition placed before them. We work *with* the universal forces & powers that be, we do *not* control them, but them, us. Respect them and their decisions always as it all becomes clear in time, what their plan for us is.(-_-)

Also...If you are currently doing or having work done by someone else on the same situation,please let me know ahead of time.I will most likely have you come back when the other work is concluded. If you do not understand this reasoning,please refer to the above section that begins: "Only 2"..or ask me why and I will explain why more is not always better where such things are concerned... (-_-)

As I have stated before,If you do not see something here that fit's your personal situation,Please feel free to contact me for a plethora of other options or check HERE for some other ideas as well.
Thanks for reading all this. I hope to be of service to you in the near future.(-_-)

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