*Spiritual, Metaphysical & Religious Oils*

Based on original Hoodoo-Santerismo style recipes.
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Over 200 different types of Oils,Powders,Loose Incense & Bath Salts to choose from!
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Oils can be used for anointing one's self, amulets, Talismans,7 day candles, altars, in magickal workings, scenting homemade incense, aromatherapy, homemade toiletries or simply as a vibratory perfume.

Incense is usually burned while working candles anointed with the same or similar-type oil and to consecrate items made to achieve your goal, such as mojo's, medals and poppets, by passing the item through the smoke. Incense is also used to censer ones self and/or an area you want affected or cleansed.

Powders, used in much the same way as the oils are, can be used to sprinkle around the base of the candles you are working or candles anointed in oil rolled in it. It can be sprinkled on or placed inside poppets, on the ground to be walked upon, dusted on letters to be sent over distances, dusted upon yourself, placed in shoes and underwear drawers of targets etc....

Bath Salts are used to bath in before, during or after rituals and the water left can be used to scrub down an area or sprinkled around for affect.

For best affect, most will usually first use oil to anoint a candle, bathe in salts as candle & incense burns. When done bathing, dust themselves with the powder, dab oil on their pulse points and then sprinkle or throw the remains of the bath water at their doorstep.

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Planetery & Astrological Oils
Santo & Orisha Oils
Money,Luck & Prosperity Oils
Love & Attraction Oils
Protection, Banishing & Reversing Oils
Compelling & Commanding Oils
Crossing, Cursing & Hexing Oils
Job, Success & Legal Oils
Peace & Healing Oils
Multi-Purpose, Miscellaneous & New Oils
Single Scent Oils

Astrological & Planetary Oils
All of these oils bring added luck and strength to those born under their sign.

Zodiac-When mixed with other mixtures, adds strength and power. Can be used in place of any other astrological oil.

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Sun- Brings Health, Healing & Success.
Jupiter- Brings prosperity & success in your life.
Mars- Used when courage is needed.
Mercury-To make other mixtures work faster & quicker
Moon- Sprinkle around the house for protection while you’re away.
Saturn- For gambling luck, money drawing & winning games of chance.
Venus- Worn to attract love & make someone more affectionate.
Lucky Planet - Mix with your zodiac sign for extra powerful good luck mixture.

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Santerismo & Orisha Oils

Sacred Heart of Jesus-Use for peace & protection.
Saint Alex-For getting rid of someone. Keeps enemies at a distance.
Saint Anthony-For locating lost or missing articles.
Saint Barbara-For conquering & dominating your enemies.
Saint Cipriano-Protects you from harm,defeats witchcraft.
Saint Christopher- Protects you when driving.
Saint Clara-Protects one from witchcraft.
Saint Edugivis - Used to help aid the poor & helping get people out of jail.
Saint Helen-To bring back a lost love.
Saint Expedito-Builds a shield of protection around you & your home.
Saint Ignacio De Loyola-To ward off the devil,used on windowsills & doors.
Saint Joseph-Helps in job search or in selling home or property.
Saint Lazarus-Used in healing the sick.
Saint Martha -To bring back an ex-lover or boyfriend
Saint Martin Caballero-To draw customers & money to a business.
Saint Michael-To aid in defeating the devil,demons & enemies
Saint Raymond-To stop gossip & slander.
Virgen De Caridad Del Cobre-For Love & Marital problems.
Virgen De San Juan-Used with candle of same name for help with any problem.
Virgin De Guadalupe-Used with candle of same name for help with any problem.

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Babalu-Aye Healing Oil
Ellegua Opportunity Oil
Ellegua Devotional Oil
Obatala Peace Oil
Obatala Devotional Oil
Chango Domination Oil
Chango Devotional Oil
Ochun Love Oil
Ochun Devotional Oil
Yemaya Fertility Oil(females)
Yemaya Devotional Oil
Oko Fertility Oil(males)
Ochosi Court Victory Oil
Ochosi Devotional Oil
Oggun Reversing Oil
Oggun Devotional Oil
Orunla Dream Oil
Orula Devotional Oil
Ozain Divination Oil
Ozain Devotional Oil
Oya Devotional Oil
Oya Domination Oil

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Money,Luck & Prosperity Oils

Algiers Fast Luck-For making one very lucky in lottery & gambling.
Better Business-Draws customers & money to a business.
Chango Macho-To change ones luck and for games of chance.
Chinese Luck-For all forms of good luck, for fast luck.
Double Fast Luck-Doubles your luck,use with a Fast Luck Candle.
Fast Luck-To bring luck in a hurry, good for bingo & lottery players.
Fast Success-Helps increase sales people’s turnover.
Four Winds-The 4 winds will bring you much success & good luck.
Gold & Silver-Said to bring wealth & prosperity.
Good Luck-Wear daily to fill your days with luck & good fortune.
Hold Your Money-Rubbed on wallet or purse so your money will go a long way.
Horn of Plenty-To gain wealth & prosperity.
Jockey Club-Very good for the racetrack frequenter or a big gambler.
King Midas- Rub some on your wallet every morning to draw money to you.
Kyphi- Place on door corners and cash register to bring fortune & success at your business.
Lady Luck-Before going out to gamble, place on palm & feet bottoms.
Lucky Hand-Good for trips to Las Vegas, Atlantic City etc...
Lucky Lodestone- Draws all good things to you.
Lucky Lottery-To increase your chances of winning,anoint your tickets.
Lucky Nine-Use for good luck, but only for nine days.
Magnet-To draw good luck & good fortune your way.
Make Your Wish-Use with a 7 knob candle.
Money Drawing- To gain money,anoint purse & wallet daily.
Quick Money Drawing-Use with a money drawing candle when money needed fast.
Road Opener (Abre Camino)-Use to change your luck when it seems to be running badly.
Showers of Gold-To gain prosperity & good fortune.
Special Fast Luck-Anoint the 4 corners of bingo cards to bring on your numbers.
Sure To Win- Said to sway your luck in all types of gambling.
Wall Breaker-To eliminate financial problems.
Winners Circle-Used by those that indulge in games of chance.
Wishing-Used with 7 knob candle to make your dreams & wishes come true.

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Love & Attraction Oils
(For Better or Worse...)

Adam & Eve-To bind two lovers together.
Aphrodesia-Said to arouse passion,get them in the mood.
Attraction For Love-To draw love your way, make them pay attention to you.
Bats Eye-Use to break up lovers. Separates them.
Bat’s Heart-Will cause tension & bad luck to an ex who did you wrong.
Bewitching-Binds other to you for love & affection.
Chuparosa-It is beleived that those who wear this will not be turned down for love & romance.
Cleo May-When you want him to give you money & help support you.
Cleopatra-Used when you feel your parter drifting away, creates a stronger bond.
Come To Me-Make someone want to come to you & be with you.
Desire-Anoint your thighs & chest to attract the one you desire.
Drawing-Brings back a wandering mate ,can also be used in money drawing.
Fire of Love-Strengthens passion & desire between lovers. Rub on thighs.
Fire of Passion-Put on both partners to rev up a dull romance & add some spice.
Flames of Desire-Makes you totally irresistable to the opposite sex.
Follow Me Boy-Makes your man follow you around & always want to be with you.
Forget Her-To help you forget an ex-girlfriend, annoint temples daily.
Forget Him-When having trouble forgetting an ex-man friend,use daily.
Glow of Attraction-Gain popularity & stand out in a crowd.
Goddess of Love-To make men treat you with love & respect,dab on chest & thighs.
Hold Your Man-Use when your mate tends to wander.Apply to his shoes to keep him home.
Hold Your Woman-Use when your mate tends to wander.Apply to her shoes to keep her home.
Intranquillo-To make ex-lovers restless & want to come back to you.
Irresistible-To make the wearer very attractive & irresistible to the opposite sex.
Isis-Worn for love & attraction.
La Santisima Muerte-To bring back a lover, use with candle of the same name.
Love-Use with an Adam & Eve or Red Witch Candle to draw love.
Love Breaker-Used to seperate two people & destroy relationships.
Love Drawing-Used to draw love & affection your way.
Love Drops-Used to add some spice to a relationship.
Love Me-Wear on your bosom so your partner will love & think only of you.
Luv Luv Luv-To create a stronger bond between two people.
Man Trap- Wear this to increase your chance of finding a man.
Marriage-Wear daily to increase your chances of getting married.
Never Forget Me & Love Me Forever-So mate will always have you on his mind.
Squint-To bring back an ex that is currently with someone else.
Stay at Home-Put on a wandering mate to keep them home where they belong.
Swallows Blood-Used in many love drawing rituals.
Wolfs Heart-An attraction mixture used to draw attention.

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Protection, Banishing & Reversing Oils

Ajo Macho-Protects you from evil & envious people.
Banishing-When you want to make someone get out of your life or move away.
Blockbuster-A powerful spell breaking mixture. Use with a Blockbuster candle for best results.
Cat’s Blood-Used to stop jinxs placed on you and remove spells.
Cat’s Eye-To protect yourself from envious people out to get you or what you have.
Counteracting-Returns a spell before it reaches you,will counteract any evil doing sent your way.
Destierro-Used to banish your enemies.
Doves Eye-Sprinkle around the home to let evil intentions blow away with the wind.
Dragons Blood-Very powerful uncrossing mixture.Will remove any type of jinx placed on you.
Evil Eye-Use to protect you & your loved ones from the evil eye.
Fiery Wall of Protection-Builds a wall of protection around you & your home.
Guardian Angel-Invokes the aid of your guardian to watch over & protect you.
Jinx Killer-If you think you are jinxed,use this to kill the spell and bring forth good luck.
Jinx Removing-Use to remove a jinx put on you & remove evil spirits.
Keep Away Evil-A home sprinkled with this will never have evil spirits.
Keep Away Spirits-Keep away spirits and remove them from your home.
Nine African Powers-Use for protection from witchcraft,jinx will bounce right off you.
Protection-Wear daily to protect you from witchcraft,sprinkle around home to keep way intruders.
Red Dragon-This protects your relationships & marriage from being hexed. Also brings luck to these areas of your life.
Removing-To remove a spell that has been cast on or by you.
Reversible-Used to send back wrongdoing or a spell that has been cast on you.
Rose of Crucifixion-Protects the wearer from black magick.
Run Devil Run-No demon can stand the aroma of this most powerful mixture & flees.
Spell Breaker-If you feel a spell or hex has been placed on you,use this to remove it
Swallows Heart-Used for general protection.
Uncrossing-Removes a crossed condition & all bad intentions.
Unhexing-Same as Jinx Removing
Vesta-Overcomes any spell that has been placed upon you.
Voodoo-To bless prayer rooms and protect from evil.

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Compelling & Commanding Oils

Baum De Commanduer-Used to control & command all those that you may encounter throughout the day.Especially good for bosses.
Bend Over-This is used to give you power over others,bend them to your will.
Commanding-To command others do your every bidding.
Compelling-To compel someone to do as you request. Milder than commanding & controlling oils.
Controlling-Use to control your mate , boss, enemies, children or friends.
Do As I Say-To get someone to act as you want them to. Makes them do your bidding.
Do As I Wish-Allows you to do the things you want without interference.
Domination-To dominate another person,to have the power to overcome them.
Dove’s Blood-To calm a person down. To stop someone from always fighting with you.
Fiery Command-To get another do your bidding. Put on your hands then touch that person.
Get Away-Sprinkle on the doorstep to keep away unwanted visitors or to make enemies move.
Hot Foot-When sprinkled in enemies path,make them want to leave fast.
I Command My Man-Use to command or dominate the man in your life.
I Command My Woman-Use to command or dominate the woman in your life.
I Have You Tied & Nailed-Put on person you want total control & dominance over.
Inflammatory Confusion- Cause great confusion and hysteria to your enemies.
Keep Away Troubles-Helps to keep away troublesome people & the wrong crowd.
King Solomon-Used for domination.
Moving Out-Used when you want an unwanted visitor to leave the house,sprinkle where they are sure to touch.
Power-Used to have power over your enemies & over any situation.
Spider Queen- For domination & controlling. Use with Spider Queen candle.
Stop Gossip(Tapa Boca)-To stop someone from gossiping or talking bad about you.
To Get Rid Of-Sprinkle in path of person you want to get rid of.

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Crossing, Cursing & Hexing Oils

Bat’s Blood-This will cause bad luck and many downfalls to enemies.
Black Art-For crossing and hexing an enemy put where they are sure to touch it.
Black Cat-Used with Black Cat candle to cause an enemy confusion.
Break Up-Used to break up relationships,marriages & friendships.Use with image candles.
Confusion-To confuse enemies sprinkle where they are sure to touch or step on it.
Crossing-To cross your enemies and cause them misfortune.
Damnation-To cause great distress & bad luck to your enemies.
Double Cross-Wear to confuse enemies or cause them bad luck & misfortune.
D.u.m.e-Use with candle of same name to get even,cause bad luck or death.
Exodus-Very good when you want someone to lose their job.
Haitian Voodoo-To cross an enemy, sprinkle around their house & on doorstep or anoint parchment nameslip with 9 drops of oil.
Hexing-Makes enemies beg for forgiveness,causes misery & bad luck.
Jezebel-Mix with D.u.m.e oil to make a powerful oil to get even with your enemies.
Jinx Black-Used to cause harm to your enemies.
Job Breaker-When you want someone to lose their job,sprinkle around their work place.
Voodoo Night-To cast a spell on somebody,must be used on a full moon.
Weed of Misfortune-To make your enemies lose everything they own.
Witch-Use when you want to get even with someone.
XX Double Crossing-Sprinkle across the path of your enemy.
Zula Zula-To get even, sprinkle where enemies are sure to touch it.

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Job, Success & Legal Oils

All Saints-To to bring about good fortune & success honestly.
Boss Fix-To cause your employer to look favorably upon you & your work.
Ceremonial-Used before any ritual or ceremony to insure success.
Court Case-Wear to court to win over judge & jury.
Crown of Succes-Wear to ensure success in all your daily endeavors.
Get a Job-Wear when job hunting & place on applications for fast responses.
Get Out of Jail- To help reduce ones sentence or help get parole.
Gold & SilverUse with a Chango Macho candle when trying to get a loan.
Good Fortune-Wear when seeking a raise or job or applying for a higher position.
Job-Use with a Job candle when seeking employment.
Jury Winning-When having to face a jury ,use this to win.
Just Judge-For victory in court cases & when wrongfully accused.
Law Stay Away-Use to keep the law away.
Low John The Conqueror-For overcoming hexes & legal problems.
Quick Job-When seeking employment wear this to find a job fast.
Snake-For court cases as well as protection & breaking people up.
Steady Work-Wear this daily to keep your job secure & steady.
Student-To help pass tests, concentrate on schoolwork & better understand your teachers.
Success-Will bring you success in all your endeavors.
Success & Good Fortune at Your Business-Use daily to never be without customers.
Vencedor-To help you conquer & overcome problems in your life.

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Peace & Healing Oils

Doves Heart-To bring peace & harmony to a home.To stop arguing & fighting.
Dream-When put on your pillow, aids in a quiet & peacful nights sleep.
Easy Life-To enjoy a better,more peaceful life.
Goona Goona-Brings peace & tranquility to your home.Creates a state of calmness & peace.
Happy Home-Fills your home with happiness,love & harmony when sprinked about.
Happy Marriage-Helps to calm & solve minor marriage problems.
Healing- Place a dab on your forehead when feeling tired & weak while you burn a light a blue candle.
House Blessing-To bring peace & blessings to all who reside in your dwelling.
Nino Fidencio-Named after a very powerful healer,Used to cure sick people & dispell evil.
Peace-Sprinkle around the house to bring peace & tranquility into your life.
Peaceful Home-Good to use in a home where there is much arguing & fighting,calms people down.
Tranquillo-Use to calm the nerves of a sensative person,Wear to always be in good spirits.

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Multi-Purpose, Miscellaneous & New Oils

Anointing-Gives power to candles and other items that you want to consecrate.
Attraction-Attracts good things to you be it luck ,love, money or jobs.
Blessing-Used to bless your altar & tools before any ritual.
Conjure-Use around your altar to attract spirits to help bring on your desire or request quickly.
Consecration-Use around altar,on mojo bags,poppets etc..to consecrate and cleanse .
Courage-Believed to make the most timid person brave & fearless when rubbed on the body.
Devil -Used to invoke the devil or the dead.
Devil Master-Used by satanic worshippers to master the black arts.
Double ActionAdd this to any other mixture to increase it’s potency.
High John the Conqueror-Most popular oil for luck,money,power & problems.
Indian Spirit Guide-Use when seeking guidance from the indian gods,to guide you on the right path.
Memory Drops-Use to increase your memory,Good for student studying for a test.
Puppy Protection & Peaceful Dreams-Cat's have 9 lives,dogs don't! Protect your beloved pet & ensure sweet dreams with this new oil.
Rama Dream-For prophetic dreams,To improve psychic powers.
Reconciliation (General)-To reconcile a non-romantic relationship,such as one between friends or colleagues.
Seven African Powers-Orisha based multi-purpose oil.
Special #20(Brown)-Renowned as a wonderfully potent general purpose oil ideal for anointing candles, talismans & charms of all types. Also known by some as "Special Brown" Oil.

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