Sweet Dreams are Made of These....


Let the ancient art & practice of Aromatherapy help you attain your desires on a subconcious level. Let the scent of beautiful smelling natural herbs and essencial oils bring about the changes you desire whilst you dream of their assured success. All pillows are also in "sympathetic" shapes to add to the spiritual connection and/or desire one is seeking to achieve. They are all blessed by myself personally while they are being made especially for you *after* they are purchased. Go ahead and give them a try! You will be glad that you did!



~*Prophetic Dreams*~

A special herbal mixture to encourage visions and prophetic messages from the universe on a subconcious level. Aids in astral projection and dream recall as well. This pillow is covered in a dreamy cloud-like print

~*Love Calling*~

A beautiful blending of love drawing oils, herbs & flowers such as Rose petals, Jasmine flowers,Vanilla & Cinnamon in a cute heart-shaped pillow. This pillow will bring dreams of your soulmate or perfect partner. This blend also has the ability to link loved ones through their dreams when they are separated by distance or time. Don't be suprised if you see their sweet face in your dreams.Also great for parents who travel alot. Buy in pairs, give one to your child and take one with you so you two will be linked over the miles.(-_-)

~*Luck & Money Drawer*~

Many highly fragrant money-drawing herbs and oils such as Five-Finger grass, Patchouli, Bayberry, Almond & Jasmine to aid in bringing luck & money to you as well as to help you dream of solutions to your current money troubles. Covered in a green shamrock print or something equally symbolic,this pillow helps to evoke a sense of sympathetic magick with it's oblong "dollar bill" shape.

~*Sweet Dreams-Adult*~

This pillow is specifically for aiding in bad dreams and nightmares.It is also wonderful for relieving the stress that comes from day to day experiences. It contains wonderfullt fragrant and relaxing things such as Lavender,Rosemary,Hops etc.. It is of a star-shape and covered with gold star-emblazoned deep blue material with golden flecks of stardust.

~*Psychic Eye*~

A cute almond eye-shaped pillow developed specifically to aid in opening your third eye. This is good for increasing your psychism and divinational abilities. A special request that made a welcome and appropriate addition to the family!

~*Children's Sweet Dreams*~

To ward off nightmares & restless tossing & turning. A big favorite with the kids due to the fragrantly effective ingredients as well as the cute star shape & celestial "happy face" fabric !

~*Infant's Sweet Dreams*~

A special blend just for baby in a soft rectangular unisex flannel fabric & white ribbon to soothe your sweetie into a calm,peaceful sleep. Excellent addition to a baby gift basket or as a shower gift. Contains only pure Lavendar flowers & pure essencial oil of Lavendar.

Made-To-Order Dream Pillows -$12.95 each


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