People Who Have Been Kind Enough To Let Me Help Them...


And What They Had To Say About It....

Thank you so were right on the "money" *grin*......You did make me feel better and (sometimes that's impossible). I too am a reader and sometimes I need clarification on things that I read and you clarified me exactly. Good work. Its nice to find someone who is good at this. Peace to you

All I can say is WOW! You couldn't have been more on the mark with things in my life. You really helped out---thanks!!!!

Thank you so much MoonDawgE for your reading. Your readings were very true. I am so greatful for this reading. It has made me see things much more clearly for my life. I can now eliminate this burden and concentrate on my career. Thank u so much once again. I just needed someone to tell me what u told me. I am truely greatful.
~ Raghini

You hit it all right on the button!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am happy to say that you have made me so much more confident in my decision.....Yes! .....I really needed that....

Thank you so much, you have given me the much needed peace that i have been searching for. The reason that I chose you was because I had read many past posts and the responses that you had given others seemed very personal and heartfelt. I had the feeling that you really cared and you put your whole self into the reading.....
~Name Withheld

Thank you so very much!! You have certainly "hit the nail on the head" regarding my current predicament with my family. Your reading has definately given me some hope and optimism....
I will definately keep you posted! :)

I really do appreciate the whole reading you did for me. It was very informative and gave me that soft squishy feeling :) Thank you so much for your time and effort!

Thank you, you were very accurate....
~Nancy L.

Thank you so much. Somewhere I feel the same way and have told (deleted) so....


From The Old AOL "Crystal Ball" folders
(Questions that reached out & grabbed me & I randomly answered free of charge.....)
And also from my new Free Mini-Reading Site....

You know, I don't know if this was in reply to my message or you were responding to someone else, but MAN, I need to thank you because I felt like it was an answer to something i I've been dealing with with my boyfriend who began to see someone else to please his family. If it was in response to my message, thank you -- if it was someone elses, the Universe, being what it is, you still found me and gave me my answer so thank you for that.
~Screename Withheld

Thanks for your response. You have corroborated my feelings, almost exactly. I'll burn red (love), black (absorb the great negativity), green (physical health & healing) and white (feelings of peace and harmony, and protection) candles next to his picture, wear his favorite shirt, and send more love out to him. Thank you MoonDawgE..
~Screename Withheld

WOW - you are right on the money - should come as no surprise to you though :) Extremely accurate on the reading for me - Many thx to you sweetie ,for input .
Love & much much light !
~Name Withheld

Hi MoondawgE,
I really appreciate all your help.I wish I could convey just what it means to me, but I'm at a loss for words. I'm feeling alot better about this whole situation now. I know it isn't going to be a picnic, but knowing that things are going to work out gives me the courage to face it head on. Hopefully I can hang on to that feeling to see me through this. Bless you!!!

Thanks for all of your advice....(omitted for privacy)..... Again thanks!! It definitely helps to have some outside input.


THANKS! Wow! That was incredibly accurate!!!

:). Rose Mary

Thank you soooooooooooooooo... much!!!! You have answered a question that I have been pondering for weeks! also... I REALLY appreciate you giving me advice even though i'm not 18! You seem to be a really kool
person and I again thank you from the bottom of my heart.

~Goddess Jen

Hi! :)
Thank You very much for the reading it was very informative -some very surprising but mostly -PERFECTLY ACCURATE!! LOL Scary even..
please email me with more info as I am interested in a more in-depth reading -esp in regards to my relationship problem....
Thank YOU!! :) ~Sherry

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