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Herein you will find Tarot Readings,Spiritual Advising,Relationship Counseling & good ol' fashion common-sense advice, which for some reason, is not so common these days!

Care for a mini reading so we can both see where things stand in your life at present and how you/we may best improve it? I do a FREE READ FRIDAY via Twitter or Email, you guessed it..every Friday. But if you are here on any other day or simply can't wait until Friday, drop me a note as sometimes I have some extra time on my hands during the week as well. Plus I was taught that "You never know, unless you ask. But for sure ya won't if ya don't." ;)

First off,let me thank you for finding your way to The Sanctuary! That you *are* here is a positive indicator in itself. My fees are reasonable as I believe *all* are entitled to divination methods regardless of their so-called "stature" on this spinning orb we call Mother Earth. Your life is what *YOU* make it. Please....Allow me to help you find your road best traveled . (-_-)

I am very proud to offer many various types of help and informative, eye-opening readings here at The Sanctuary. (-_-)

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~*Tarot Spreads & Pricing Information*~

I am told that my readings are very insightful, accurate & true to the situation.
I would love for you to allow me to help you ease your mind while not breaking you financially.(-_-)
Readings can be done via email and/or regular mail. (No question limit but there is a subject limit if the questions are for another person.) If you are not certain which type of reading would fit, please do not hesitate to send me details of the situation to help narrow down what exactly may be appropriate
This, as with all information sent to me, will remain in the strictest of confidence.

Please feel free to check out the Responses & Feedback I have received as well as my Spiritual Advice option that I offer. This is an Extra service that I am now offering to old & new clients alike to enable me to be of constant & immediate help when it is needed most.

If you have any questions at all,please do not hesitate to contact me via one of the following mailboxes:


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