*Some Basic Info First...*

Hello there & Thank You for considering me as your personal reader! I know you will be more than pleased in the end. I have what I believe are very reasonable rates and reads can be done both via email and/or regular mail. (No question limit but there is a subject limit if the questions are for/in regards to another person.)If you are not certain which type of reading would fit, please do not hesitate to send me details of the situation to help narrow down what exactly may be appropriate for you,personally. This, as with all information sent to me, will remain in the strictest of confidence.

For your Tarot Reading you may pick any type of spread you like, otherwise I generally ask that you use the Celtic Cross layout as to obtain the most information on a new client if a conventional(general) reading is being done. :)

I utilize many spread types for readings such as the Pyramid spread (for specific questions), The Romany (or 21 card) spread, Mystical Cross, Karmic, Radiant Heart, Magic Square, X-Lover's & Money spreads as well as several others .

I also highly recommend the Celestial Circle readings to seek the outlook and/or likely trends for the coming 12 month year. This may be any 12 month period,not just starting from the begimning of the year. This is an excellent way to prepare yourself for what lies ahead for you or a loved one in the coming year, as being prepared takes the trouble out of unforseen circumstances that could otherwise put a kink in your plans for the future. These also make interesting gifts as well. ;)

Please remember that if interested in purchasing a reading, please, PLEASE be sure that you send the following information with Payment, regardless of form used, to speed up results:

*Correct Email address
*Full Birth-Given Name
*At least 1 Specific question or a request for a "general" (All encompassing) read can be requested.

Please also send the same personal information on whomever these questions might directly relate to, be it a spouse, significant other, parent, co-worker etc....So that I am able to email/snail mail the outcome of your personal reading to you ASAP .


Reading Types & Prices

General Reading Spreads
(suggested only about every 3 months)

Tree of Life Spread-$50
Taken from the Tree of Life of The Kabbala, probably the most complete method of laying out the cards known to date.

Romany (21 Card) Spread-$40
A good indicator of the events leading up to a persons present circumstances,the choices to be made & the probable outcome.

Astrological Spread-$30
A card used to represent you & each of your astrological houses in order to view various aspects of your life.

Celtic Cross Spread-$25
Most widely used general spread. Gives information on past, present & future influences in all areas of your life. You may choose any specific topic (such as love,money,job etc..) with 3 questions answered per reading.

Mystical Cross Spread-$25
Shows a persons present position and it's underlying causes as well as whether or not the situation in question is in/out of the persons control.


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Specific/Specialized Spreads

Career/Work Spread-$25
A spread to help you see your strengths & weaknesses in the workplace, personal & financial values,direction of your creative impulses and much more.

Karmic Spread-$25
Takes a look at your spiritual progress thus far as well as your ultimate purpose & what you can accomplish in this lifetime.

Ex-Lovers Spread- $30
A great spread for indicating what you both are experiencing as a result of the breakup,where you are now & how you feel about a reconciliation etc....

Relationship Spread- $30
For indicating how you see each other, what each of you & relationship needs,where you'd like to see it go,etc...

Celestial Circle-$30
A good yearly forcast. Indicates trends for the coming 12 months & underlying forces at work.

Magic Square Spread-$25
Used for a specific answer to a specific problem.

Radiant Heart Spread-$20
Designed to help you see how to experience the best that love has to offer you at this time.

Wish Spread-$20
Have you ever thought to yourself,"I wish I knew what lies ahead for me"? This spread will answer that question for you.

"The Blues" Spread-$15
Feeling Blue? This spread will help you to not only see what it is that is causing your funk but what you can do to alleviate it and what to look forward to/focus on in the meantime.

Spiritual Guidance Spread-$35
When you need to contact a higher source for wisdom or if you just need a sign that you're heading in the right direction. :)

Pyramid Spread-$25
Used for a specific answer to a specific problem.

Simple 3 card Spread-$10
A Simple Past-Present-Future reading.

Intuitive Mini-Celtic Reading-$5
A short synopsis of major issues found in a Full Celtic Cross Reading.

~*MoJoMoonJo's Spirituality Spread*~

[ Smile! (-_-)]

1. Where you are now.

2. What from the past is influencing your present .

3. What you need to repair in this life, kharmically, before moving on.

4. What present blessings need to be remembered.

5. What to let go of for your own spiritual well-being & growth.

6. What awaits you / what will *be* on the next plane.

[still looking...]

~*MoJoMoonJo's Job Spread*~


1. Where you are at present.

2. Where you would like to be in a ....year.
(can be any time frame you specify.)

3. What may stand in the way of your goal.

4. What can be done to remove roadblocks/ improve your odds of success.

5. What you may need to know at this time.

6. Best possible outcome to expect.

Please feel free to try these spreads yourself and drop me a note telling me what you thought of them or how they worked for you. I'd love some feedback! (-_-)

If interested in purchasing a reading, please click the appropriate Paypal button and fill out necessary info at checkout(S/H charges will be happily refunded, should they appear erroneously) or click here to take you to a convenient Order Form if paying via ground.

Also....Many other spread types are available. If you do not see one that pertains to your specific situation, please feel free to ask...

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